Punk/Grunge/Garage Rock

“We wanted to be able to share our live performance around the world. Especially during Covid as we cannot travel or play live at the moment. Also instead of sharing music videos where everything sounds studio perfect, we wanted to be able to show how we play and what to expect at a show, since our live versions are slightly different than studio. Featuring more of Coralie's drumming during extended instrumental parts, musicianship, and our chemistry as musicians. "

Tarah G. Carpenter.     

Live Sessions:

Music and sound: 

Tarah G. Carpenter (@tarah_g._carpenter) : vocals, guitar Coralie Hervé (@coralie.herve) : drums

Jason Orme (@ormeoryou) : sound engineer, mix

Film Crew:

Producer: Nupur Mehrotra (@nupsmehra) and Apoorv Arora (@apoorvarora_10)

Director: Lena Baez (@lenisa.films)

DP: Maria Quintana (@ninapapalote)

1st AC: Jude Abadi (@judeabadi)

2nd AC: Rigel Y. (@rigelyaluk)

Gaffer: Junbai Z (Kay) @kay_kay_hey

BTS: Ale Rubiera (@alerubiera)