"Carpenter is the “mind, soul, rock & roll heartbeat, and operator” of the project, she enlisted the help of fellow musicians Coralie Hervé (Drums) and Joey Southern (Bass) to complete this snarling fusion of punk, grunge and straight-up rock.

"If you love raw, grungey rock with big, heavy, fast-paced guitars and driving drums then Tarah Who? may well be your new favourite band you didn’t know about. Tarah’s vocals flitter between raw and heavy, through to emotional and moving, and perfectly juxtaposes the rocky support. "  https://gigradar.co.uk/2016/12/08/introducing-tarah-who/

"Tarah Who? you may ask; and the answer is a band which takes a bite of the senses while igniting the imagination with their punk infused and inventively hungry rock ‘n’ roll. The project of French born and LA based vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Tarah G. Carpenter, Tarah Who? is a band really beginning to entice wide spread awareness with a sound which simply demands attention."

"Listening to Tarah Who’s music is being exposed to a modern rock group fronted by a singer songwriter who loves the craft and has a voice to knock your socks off." https://www.theportalmagazine.com/interviews/an-interview-with-tarah-who/


Right out of the gate, it’s clear Carpenter is a vocal powerhouse. Her compelling, bassy register is nuanced with a timbre reminiscent of grunge god Eddie Vedder. She effortlessly plummets into guttural bellows, exhibited on sharply titled single “Bitchcraft.” In support of her biting growls, straightforward power chords on the guitar embody the no-frills characteristics of the punk music the band presents. Fat basslines provided by Southern interlock snugly with Hervé’s frantic yet steady percussion, creating a solid foundation on which Carpenter can wail. Carpenter’s lyrics feel acutely personal, dealing with emotions and ideas she “needs to let out.”

Tarah Who? delivered a lively performance that elicited vigorous head-banging from the audience.

 Tarah Who? delivers a scathing rawness that doesn’t require much else. Frenzied punk rhythms coincide with Carpenter’s seething howls, forging a wall of sound that is powerful and gripping. 

Tarah Who? delivers an exciting show that may induce sudden and unexpected moshing. "

 Austin Arthur http://www.musicconnection.com/live-review-tarah-who/

"The fierce power trio is back with a new EP: “Half Middle Child Syndrome”15 minutes of infectious rage rock that will leave you compelled to want more!"

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Tarah Who? ’s past achievements to date:

- toured the US, Europe 
- independently recorded and released 2 albums and 3 EP’s
- gained national and regional radio exposure
- gained national, regional and online press coverage (Music Connection,gigradar,VENT magazine, INKED Magazine France.)
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